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Hello Family and Friends!!

 We are members of Happy Crew and our mission is to destigmatize mental health issues by creating community and sharing the message, “YOU MATTER, YOU BELONG”, especially among our peers.  We must remain diligent in our campaign: depression, anxiety, and suicide are major issues for our friends – Colorado ranks sixth in the nation for most teen deaths by suicide.  Too many of our peers face a daily struggle to talk about their mental health – we crusade to end the stigma and increase positive options for those facing mental health issues.

We’ve had SEVENTY-ONE teens join Happy Crew this year! Here is a picture from 8/2018

We’ve had SEVENTY-ONE teens join Happy Crew this year! Here is a picture from 8/2018


Every Monday night, we gather together for dinner, discussion, learning, and community.  Happy Crew provides a welcoming, safe, inclusive, helpful, fun, heart-warming, positive, happy, caring, loving, passionate, free-speaking, hopeful, wholesome, fulfilling, joyful (and that’s just the beginning!) environment every week and we love our time together. During our group discussion, we strategize about ways to reach out and help friends and fellow students. We brainstorm about how to spread powerful messages that assure: “YOU MATTER, YOU BELONG”.  We concentrate on being involved in making it socially acceptable to be vulnerable and share when you are dealing with anxiety, depression, fear, sadness or suicidal thoughts. We deepen our compassion and value our “no judgement zone”.  Here, it is safe to talk about heavy issues and find relief for stress.  We are free to share feelings and “get stuff off our chest”.  We are being equipped to make a difference and have a positive influence on our community.


We are here for each other. We are confident in our ability to relate and help people cope.  We have learned how to deal with our own mental health challenges. We practice how to actively listen in order to actually hear and help. We learn how to validate feelings, and provide an outlet for our peers. Because we role-play using real-time problems, we know how to deal with the many different scenarios our friends share with us.  At school, we hand out stickers, allowing us to connect.  These stickers make people’s day!! Talking to others and seeing what they go through inspires us to be less judgmental. We are comfortable inviting any and every one to join us on Monday nights; the word is out that it is safe to come hang out with us. Friends who are confused or who don’t know how to cope with their feelings find safety and community here.We are encouraged as we can see others start to cherish life rather than working to end it. We have personally witnessed lives changing. 


Donate to Happy Crew!  Partner with us to destigmatize mental health issues and help teens find belonging and community.  We’ve enclosed an envelope for your tax-deductible donation, or you can donate at www.thehappycrew.org/donate. Thank you so much for your consideration!!!  YOU MATTER!  YOU BELONG