Happy Crew is something that has changed my life...

Happy Crew is something that has changed my life and has given me guidance throughout my youth. During my sophomore year, my lacrosse team, high school, and community lost a dear friend Koby Stevens, to suicide. After our grieving, my friends and I wanted to start something to always remember Koby and make sure that we can be there for anyone else in the community that is going through a similar situation. That was when my mom told me she wanted us to meet with a lady named Amy who had an idea for us. When we met with Amy we instantly fell in love with her ideas to help build our community back up by doing little things that make a big difference, and that is when Happy Crew began. Ever since then it has been growing and been an amazing thing to be a part of. Seeing the smiles on people's faces and the laughs that our stickers generate   truly has made it all worthwhile. Meeting with close friends across our county and talking with them every week at Amy's house has made me realize that we are all going through similar things daily, and that it is okay to talk about a frustrating or an amazing week. 

Taking this to college with me has made a big impact because I know that it is okay to talk with my friends if I am having bad day or to let them know it is okay for them to reach out to me even if they are hundreds of miles away. I also have given out Happy Crew stickers in college and made a connection with many people that have lost a loved one to suicide as well. 

Going back home I like to see how far Happy Crew has come and meet with the newcomers while also catching up with the original group. Happy Crew will always be near and dear to my heart because it is something I feel like my friends and I started that will benefit our community when we are not there, and will help kids through those up and down high school years because they know that they always have people to talk to.


Nichols Neff