You Matter. We Care.

You Matter. We Care. This is the simple, yet essential motto of Happy Campaign. You see, in high school, it is so easy to become flustered with the stereotypical, superficial, niche, teen issues that are portrayed through social media and movies. Balancing a social life. Friend drama. Prom. However, being caught up in all this, we often neglect the more serious issue of mental health. We forget that we are still people, with problems and emotions that are real and valid. Through Happy Campaign, we strive to create a community and network that genuinely listens, no matter what the issue is. We place emphasis on the individual and the importance of caring for others, as well as for ourselves. 

 My involvement with Happy Campaign started my sophomore year after a close friend had introduced me to the organization. At this time, Happy Campaign was just the four of us meeting with Amy Mays every Wednesday after school. We would talk about our weeks and wrap candy bars with stickers that said, “You Matter” to hand out in our schools. However, it was much more than that. It became something to look forward to. Even just the act of handing out the candy bars was something to look forward to, as it made me realize how easy it was to spread kindness. I encouraged others to participate and as Happy Campaign started to grow, so did I. Happy Campaign has allowed me to meet new people, and has helped me in becoming more outspoken, as I formed relationships with people who genuinely listen and genuinely care. I encourage anyone and everyone to join us in spreading the message of Happy Campaign, you won’t regret it! Whenever I go to Happy Campaign meetings, I find myself surrounded by people who genuinely care and want to do good in the world, and you can be a part of that too. Just remember, You Matter. We Care. 



Iley Cao