Happy Crew Has Allowed Me to Connect


Happy Crew might just seem like an extracurricular activity to anyone, but the message behind the program resonates deeply with me. I initially joined because my friend recommended me to come to a meeting and the idea behind the program seemed interesting; handing out stickers and candy to remind my fellow peers that they matter and are loved. However, after being in the club for almost two years, I have realized that small gestures like those make a big impact. Through the club, it has allowed me to connect with other classmates at my school and build friendships with people I would have never thought I would reach out to.

Being able to be a part of a program like Happy Crew has genuinely brought self satisfaction within myself. Knowing that I am able to be a part of a revolution behind combating the stigmatization behind mental health through engaging in conversations within my community about the topic is a great accomplishment, and I am glad that I am able to help others through positivity and optimism. I know that during my younger years of high school when I was going through my lowest of times, I would have appreciated the positive gestures and kind words that the Happy Crew supplies. I feel honored that I have been able to be a support system for others within my school.

As a high school senior about to graduate, my time with the Douglas County Happy Crew is sadly about to come to a close. However, I do not intend to stop here. As I go on to college and to adulthood, I still plan on spreading acts of kindness wherever I go; whether if it is a simple gesture of smiling at someone walking down the street, talking to someone sitting alone, or even passing out stickers on campus in college. Happy Crew will forever hold a place close to my heart, and I will remember the valuable lessons I have learned and the interactions I have had through my work as a Happy Crew member in Douglas County.

Salila Aryal