I look forward to Happy Crew every week!

I started going to Happy Crew after I was introduced to it by my parents who knew people that had kids that went to it.  I really enjoyed my first meeting so I kept going back.

Happy Crew is a fun and safe environment which I look forward to going to every week; it provides me happiness and joy when I feel depressed or lonely knowing that there are people in my life that are willing to talk and listen to my problems. Receiving encouragement and sympathy isn’t the only reason I continue to go back to Happy Campaign though.

One of the main reasons I attend is that I can also help someone who is feeling sad and depressed. When I am happy and stress free I can talk to and console someone who is not. That is the beauty of Happy Crew -  everyone who goes leaves feeling heard and acknowledged, and we learn to listen to our peers at school, helping to prevent severe depression and suicide.

Kagan Giltinan